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High Power Actuators

High power - hpower actuators from piezosystem jena combine fastest response times, superior dynamics, high force generation and nanometer precision in a way that is unmatched by any other linear driving system. The actuation can be obtained without any mechanical wear, making our actuators extremely durable.


Be it the reduction of test time in material testing, increasing precision of tooling machines, increasing the frequency range in vibration testing or any other application that requires highly dynamical and precise, but yet powerful motion – High Power Actuators by piezosystem jena are the ideal choice to improve the performance of your application.


Product Overview

High Power Stack Type Actuators

  • PSt 1000/10/7
  • PSt 1000/16/80
  • PSt 1000/35/200

High Power Ring Type Actuators 

  • HPSt 1000/10-5/7
  • HPSt 1000/25-15/40
  • HPSt 1000/35-25/100

High Power Shakers 

    • Pisha 150/16/3
    • Pisha 150/35/80
    • Pisha 1000/10/25

High Power Shock Generators 

    • PIA 1000/16/20
    • PIA 1000/25/60
    • PIA 1000/35/80

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