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Fastec Imaging's IL Series high speed cameras are compact yet complete recording systems used for lab research and industrail work/manufacturing equipment troubleshooting.

Product Overview

Self Photos / Files - IL5_fps

  • Compact design that easily fits machine and laboratory setups, including microscopes
  • Advanced 2560 x 2080 12-bit CMOS sensor
  • 5M low-noise pixel for superior depth of field and high system magnification
  • Full HD frame rates above 600fps
  • Over 20,000fps at reduced resolutions
  • Built-in web interface for control via browser on PC, tablet, or phone
  • Advanced PC software for Windows, Mac, Linux
  • Optional Internal SSD up to 2TB
  • Optional Streaming modes for long record times
  • Optional WiFi: control camera via tablet, PC, or phone