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SONAPHONE SPHⅢ Electrical Ultrasonic Inspection System

SONOTEC developed the new SONAPHONE. The digital ultrasonic testing device combines novel sensors and software that can be operated intuitively for preventive maintenance. Broadband airborne and structure-borne sound sensors that detect ultrasonic frequencies from 1 to 152 kHz, pave the way for new domains of use. Using the SONAPHONE you can find and classify leaks in compressed air, gas and vacuum systems, analyze the condition of your machines and systems, detect partial discharges and check the function of steam traps and valves. The mobile handheld device is operated with a touchscreen like a tablet and is the ideal companion throughout the entire test procedure. Besides test values and spectrograms, it is also possible to store photographs, voice memos and comments relating to the measuring points. With only a few clicks, you receive a test report and can prove to management your contribution to energy efficiency and process optimization.

Product Overview
  • MONITOR THE CONDITION OF YOUR SYSTEMS:   Implement maintenance 4.0 in your company
  • USER-FRIENDLY APPS:   LevelMeter and LeakExpert
  • STORE TEST DATA AND SPECTROGRAMS:   Add photographs, voice memos and comments
  • CREATE TEST REPORTS WITH A FEW CLICKS:   Illustrate and store energy savings and system condition information
  • TOUCHSCREEN TECHNOLOGY :  5“ multi-touch scree
  • ROBUST HOUSING:   Very well suited to harsh industrial environments
  • PC SOFTWARE DATAVIEWER:   Integration of the data into existing systems
  • Device design:   Digital ultrasonic testing device
  • Display:   5“ TFT-Display with multi-touch controller
  • Acoustic output of signals:   Via loudspeakers or wired corded headphones
  • Dimensions :   (W x H x D) 90 x 174 x 25 mm
  • Weight:   370 g
  • Temperature range:    Storage temperature: -20 to +60 °C ,  Operating temperature: -10 to +40 °C
  • Battery Charging time (typical): 4 h,   Operating time (practical use): 8 to 12 h,  Operating time (continuous use): 4 h
  • Connectors and interfaces:  1 x fast ultrasonic channel (Lemo), USB 2.0 (microB), headphones (jack plug 3.5 mm), slot for microSD card
  • Protection class:   IP40
  • Memory :  8 GB internal RAM 16 GB internal microSD memory card
  • Standards and directives:   EMV RL 2014/30/EU, WEEE RL 2012/19/EU, RoHS RL 2011/65/EU, ASTM E1002-2005