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Company Introduction

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    Months and days flash as quickly as a weaver's shuttle. Since our establishment,  Peiport Group has gone through over 20 years of journey and has pulled together an excellent team which keeps growing stronger and has the heart to strive for greatness. By sailing along with the wave of the economic reform of our country and with the support from our valuable customers, Peiport continues to make progress and achievement.



     Peiport Holdings Ltd. has officially become a main board listed company in Hong Kong since January 11th, 2019. It serves as a milestone that Peiport has entered the capital market and will continue to develop in a more global and comprehensive way.


    “To achieve greatness in the future, we need to be inspired today”. Peiport is dedicated on developing our company based on the following principals “self, family, business, society and shareholders”. Peiport believes this philosophy will lead us to a top tier organization in general aviation and optoelectronic industry. 


    “Honesty, Diligence, Enterprising and Innovative” are the guidance Peiport follows in our business practice. Peiport's goal is to retain long term relationship with customers by guiding them to explore our team culture, constantly providing revolutionary and innovative solutions and achieving them with quality products and services. After many proven cases of success, Peiport has strengthened its core business and continues to develop in the market full of competitions.


    Peiport is headquartered in Hong Kong, and has offices, research and development center and service centers around China – Guangzhou, Beijing, Shanghai, Zhuhai, Chengdu, Xi'an, Wuhan. As the first civil-level Gimbal solution provider in China, Peiport has more than 20 years of experience in Optoelectronics Gimbals, Infrared cameras and UV cameras. Peiport gimbals have been widely used in areas such as powerline inspection, police surveillance, fire detection, border securities, marines, TV broadcasting, etc. Meanwhile, Peiport is also the official distributor for ROTAX Engine, which provides IC engines for ultralight aircraft and UAV.


    With appreciation of all the supports and trusts from our customers, Peiport will continue to develop, integrate, sell and service quality products. Peiport will also work effortlessly with other great talents from our country and aim to contribute and create values for our staffs, customers, shareholders and community.


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